Barbara Jones, founder of Little Pink Houses, has an eye for preservation and a vision for the future. By renovating older homes, she has helped to maintain the architectural integrity of 300 year old neighborhoods yet provide new owners with a home boasting the comforts and conveniences of today’s lifestyle. Often buyers do not have the vision nor the time and knowledge to do a renovation. Barbara along with her staff of tradesmen do the work for them. And sellers are happy to see their homes preserved. The transaction often has few contingencies making for a smooth and rewarding process. I had the pleasure of being part of Barbara’s purchase of her first “little pink house”

Pat Buckley

Realtor, Coldwell Banker

Barbara is doing a service for us all. Not only is she preserving the character in houses from the past but she is also helping new generations afford homes for their future. Above all, her renovations are extremely tasteful and of very high quality. It is a delight to compare the homes before Barbara works her magic to the finished product after!

Jill Finkelstein

Realtor, Berkshire Hathaway

Needham has many beautiful older homes – how wasteful and disruptive to tear them down, when they can be updated to meet modern needs!  I applaud Little Pink Houses for taking this approach, and helping to preserve and improve homes that reflect Needham’s historic character.  This is the best of both worlds – homes with modern amenities, and antique comfort and elegance.

Gloria Polizzotti Greis, PhD

Executive Director, Needham Historical Society